'Angels' debuted in May of 2017 to sold out crowds of joyful audiences. Kristin Hardwick, theater reviewer for HI! Drama, gave Angels Among Us a "Happy Face PLUS" rating and said THIS about the show... "Inspirational remnants of hope shine through the broken lives of anguished characters in ANGELS AMONG US. Elise Maurine Milner's (Playwright and Director) distinct selection of her characters' words and actions that make this production special. Concurrently, her cast of talented actors successfully creates the wide range of emotions of these most endearing characters. Whether it be a look of disappointment, an exclamation of fear, a touch of reassurrance, a dance of joy, or a trail of tears, it works. It not only works, it is wonderful." For more reviews and testimonials, click HERE!
Angels Among Us highlights the journey of 9 characters, 5 of which are living through the worst days of their lives, but little do they know that everything happens for a reason... even if they don't quite see any hope in their moments of hopelessness.

Presented in a series of 4 coherent and connected vignettes, our characters learn that sometimes they have to get through absolute devastation in order to experience the DIVINITY and JOY in their lives. As they learn to overcome their fears and let go of what they can't control, they might just be able to connect with a higher part of themselves and find understanding, peace, and happiness... This play explores the complicated nature of the human experience and the struggles we all face through having to feel our pain, joy, growth, fear, and surrender, while having to evolve and face our mortality...

Hugh Hayes (Broadway Producer) called Elise Maurine Milner (playwright) "the real deal," and cited that her work "resembles the famous Beth Henley," (who wrote Crimes of the Heart.)

Elise also won audiences hearts with her previous dramatic plays "The Sixth Session" and "The Answers to Apathy," Elise has also been hailed as the "new Neil LaBute."