" Inspirational remnants of hope shine through the broken lives of anguished characters in ANGELS AMONG US. Via five vignettes, their stories unfold. There is the soon-to be mother Madeline (Bri Ellison) who is alone in the maternity ward with her "Doogie Howser aged" new doctor (Marcus Mars) wondering if the baby's father (Bobby Allen as Billy) will even show up for the big day. There are the tribulations of the engaged couple, Durmond (Gregory Warren) and Aurora (Kyrie Ellison) and the effect that the couples' problems is having on Durmond's best friend and confidant, Kady (Taylor Peer). There is bartender Raven (Tiffany Scott) who refuses to accept pessimism from those around her and she enjoys a unique friendship with a daily patron named Mark (Chris Papavasiliou). There is Willow (Janine Brady) who is desperate to become a mother, as she know that it is her calling. And, ever so gently guiding the audience through the vignettes is The Narrator (Justin Chiao). While their stories may sound a bit " overdone and predictable", it is Elise Maurine Milner's (Playwright and Director) distinct selection of her characters' words and actions that make this production special. Concurrently, her cast of talented actors successfully creates the wide range of emotions of these most endearing characters. Whether it be a look of disappointment, an exclamation of fear, a touch of reassurrance, a dance of joy, or a trail of tears, it works. It not only works, it is wonderful." HAPPY FACE PLUS
on May 13th, 2017
"" This show was FANTASTIC! My wife and I really
enjoyed the performance. It was real, emotional,
and uplifting." -Frank Liparto
" Five (HUNDRED) stars! Bravo to Ms. Milner's writing, who once again, captured the human spirit
with empathy, depth, and beauty. This is a GEM
of a show..." -Michael Glen
" A tight, full circled, plot line which brilliantly
connects everyone and everything with incredible
dialogue and great acting. -Mackie Tacks, Show Score
" An absolute DELIGHT, an exquisite play."
-Michael Mongno
" I was so drawn in as an audience member, captivated by the performance of the actors and the message of the story. Truly amazing... A MUST SEE!" -Kristin Pilgreen
" Great job by all, my second favorite show of Hanging Cow Productions of all time. Beautifully done, actors were outstanding. Looking forward to the next production!" -Daniel Kalish
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